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Our journey to outstanding.

At Safe Start School we aim to improve our practice through external professionals and link our I Thrive values to our school development and improvement planning.

We seek and applaud challenges and conversations that can help our school grow and develop.

We welcome new ideas that can support our SLT, Extended Leaders and Subject Leaders.

The guiding principles on school improvement partners ;

  1. focus on pupil progress and attainment across the ability range – familiarity with the strategies and techniques special schools will use in assessing the wide range of individual learning needs.

  2. target-setting processes deployed and systems to measure and accurately record attainment

  3. awareness that special schools have been imaginative in using a wide range of quantitative and qualitative evidence to recognise achievement respect for the school’s autonomy

  4. knowledge of what is distinctive about the provision within a special school, the particular needs of the pupils and its role in the wider school community professional challenge and support

  5. the ability to interrogate pupil performance data and, using knowledge of the pupils’ needs and nature of the school, determine whether the practice and performance can be improved (mostly, this data will be specific to the individual school, relying heavily on teacher assessment) evidence-based assessment

  6. familiarity with the different range of evidence and pupil attainment data available in special schools, which will include an awareness of the impact of specific learning needs and behaviours on pupil attainment and progress so that the SIP can judge if the evidence collected is valid and reliable

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