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"Pupils are well prepared for their next steps in education, employment or training."

Ofsted (2021)

Our Learning

We believe in delivering a broad curriculum to our young people that goes far beyond the four walls of the classroom. Our young people undertake a rigorous programme of learning which prepares them for the future not only academically but socially and morally. 

Many of our young people come to Safe Start School after years of disengagement in the mainstream education setting. We believe every person deserves an outstanding education and a chance to succeed and we aim to do everything possible to ensure all our young people achieve their potential and more. 

Core Pathway

Every student undertake the core pathway which embeds the fundamentals of learning through the subjects of english, maths and science. Each young person is aiming to achieve a GCSE or equivalent qualification in these subjects by the time they leave in year 11.   

We appreciate that many of our students have knowledge gaps due to previous disengagement so work with each student to create a learning plan to ensure the gaps are closed and the young people achieve. 


Vocational Pathway

Students are able to undertake qualifications related to the vocational fields of construction, music and digital skills. 


Next Steps Pathway

Every student will undertake the next steps pathway preparing them for life beyond the classroom. This pathway allows students to explore what their future can hold through dedicated careers sessions, PHSE and citizenship as well as organised work experience. 

Enrichment Pathway

Every student will have the opportunity to undertake enrichment lessons and sessions throughout the academic year. We believe in educating in and out of the classroom and see great value in leaving classroom to explore society. 

Students are able to undertake a programme of learning as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award or work to make their school and community better through the UN Rights Respecting School programme. We even have a beauty studio in school where students learn hair and beauty techniques and are able to offer services.


Key Stage 3 Core Pathway

Our students in Key Stage 3 have the opportunity to undertake many other activities in school including the ones above. The KS3 core pathway consists of english, maths and science accompanied with sport, humanities, phse and art. 

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