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No young person is left behind.

Our SEND Offer

We are a small trauma-informed independent school with capacity for 25 students aged for 11-16 year olds with class sizes which range between 1-5 pupils.  


Our Local Offer provides useful information about the support and facilities we have and how we try to help our young people. 


At Safe Start each and every student is valued for the contribution that they make to our school community. Our rich and exciting curriculum offers a wide range of subjects which enable students to pursue tailored and bespoke pathways to ensure they leave Safe Start with confidence and qualification  for Post 16 transitions.




At Safe Start School all stakeholders will ;

  • Pride themselves the identification of interventions for SEND to ensure that opportunities to make progress are maximized.

  • Ensure that all children receive a broad and balanced curriculum that is differentiated to enable children to have the optimum.

  • Narrow the gap of disadvantaged students by breaking down barriers in the community through working with families.

  • Ensure all students receive an accessible learning environment.

  • Develop children’s independence and life skills in preparation for their working life.




At Safe Start School all students will ;


  • Be included in all aspects of the school day to ensure their wishes and feelings are prioritised.

  • Be provided with quality first teaching, differentiated to their needs.

  • Be respected and their contributions valued and acknowledged.





  • Students who attend Safe Start feel happy, safe and respected.

  • Behaviour at Safe Start success is evident through THRIVE. Diversity is celebrated. Children demonstrate high levels of engagement in activities, developing their speaking, listening and social skills.

  • Students make good progress at Safe Start from their starting points due to the use of resources and small group intervention which meets the needs of the pupils.

  • On leaving Safe Start students with SEND have developed good independence and life skills and have gained a place at a Post 16 provider.

"Leaders share information about pupils’ SEND needs appropriately. Staff use this information to make suitable adjustments to their teaching."
Ofsted (2021)
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