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Safe Start School Curriculum

This section covers the Safe Start School curriculum's across key stage 3 and key stage 4 for 2023/24. Please view the curriculums below, by selecting the images this will open a new pdf document for viewing. 

Curriculum Map 23 2.JPG

Safe Start Curriculum Map -  2023/24

Key Stage 3 - Long Term Plan

KS4 English Image_edited.jpg

Key Stage 4 - English Curriculum Map

Key Stage 4 - Math's Curriculum Map

KS4 Maths Curriculum_edited.jpg
KS3 4 History Image.JPG

Key Stage 3/4 - History Curriculum Map

Key Stage 3/4 - Sport Curriculum Map

Sport Image KS3 4.JPG
Geog Image ks3 4.JPG

Key Stage 3/4 - Geography Curriculum Map

Key Stage 3/4 - Religious Education Curriculum Map

RE Image.JPG

Key Stage 3/4 - PSHE Curriculum Map

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