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KS3 Letter Home: 'A Child at War'

Dear Parent / Carer,

On Tuesday 1st November, as part of our new topic: A Child at War, we would like to take the children to Stockport Air Raid Shelter to enhance their learning experience. The children will come to school as normal for registration and will be taken to the Air Raid Shelter via minibus after first lesson.

As this is the first lesson of our new topic, we wish to make it as engaging as possible, and so we would appreciate if you could please refrain from telling your child about the trip.

If you would like to assist in making this a truly memorable experience, we would love the children to come to school with some knowledge of the war happening in Ukraine, as we intend to use this as our hook.

We look forward to an exciting new term and thank you for your cooperation,

KS3 Team

Air raid shelter]
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